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Chat Bot Development

Chat Bot Development Company in Morbi, Gujarat, India

Chatbots are nothing but a user-friendly software that automates the interactions between people in real time scenario. Rather than making an entire application, you would now be able to make a bot for any popular platforms, for example, Facebook or Telegram to interact, engage and even transact with your users.

We hold 2+ years of experience in developing top-notch rich chatbot development services to our client for all domains. We build chatbots that are easy to use, able to manage the real-time conversion with your business customer in a natural way.

Zava is a leading chatbot development company in Morbi India that offers AI chatbots for all types of industries such as travel, hospitality, customer support, E-commerce, healthcare, entertainment and so on.

Our developers have a profound understanding and expertise in Chatbot Development. Based on that experience, Zava have conveyed world-class Chatbot Solutions that have helped businesses around the world to automate their tasks and furthermore provided them with a way for successful communication with their respective customer. Nowadays when chatbots have turned into the need of the art, our Chatbot Development Services could be of extraordinary assistance for you and your business. So, don’t hesitate to connect with us.

If you have a bot development requirement, you can drop an inquiry or mail us at Our business development team will connect with you inside 24 hours.

Chat bot Development Services We Offer For Messenger Apps

  • Facebook Bot Development
  • Whatsapp Bot Development
  • Slack Bot Development
  • Telegram Bot Development
  • Discord Bot Development
  • Custom Chatbot Development

Why Chat bots?

Every business owner wants to have its own business Facebook page or a slack account. What’s more, by making a bot on one of these platforms, you can assist your business in different ways, including:

  • Direct communication between your brand and customer
  • Bots can help Live Chat and other CRM teams
  • Helps you to augment customer engagement
  • Helps you save a lot of time as well as the money
  • Chatbots can eliminate waiting time
  • Can be accessed from anywhere and anytime
  • Chatbots can support your customers 24/7

We are building a Chat bot for all niches

  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Healthcare
  • Marketing
  • Banking
  • Food Ordering
  • HR and Recruiting
  • Assistance and Support

Industries We Serve


Account details, payments via chat, store locator, complaint management, product wizard (suggesting products based on profile information).


Account details, peer-to-peer payments, product-service wizard (suggesting services based on users’ profiles), branch/ATM locator, investment assistant, notifications about new deals/prices (stock-currency), overdrafts alerts.


Account details, quote wizard (displaying products based on users’ profile), agent-store locator, request assistant, incident report, claims management


Product sales, complaint management, product discounts, store finder, order tracker, returns management, digital coupon delivery


Account details, health history wizard, doctor locator, personal training notifications, prescription refills, appointments with doctors


Account details, bill management, outage alerts, digital meter information, saving and safety tips, complaint management


Account details, package tracking, shipping information, pickup scheduling, bill payments, location finder, proof of delivery.

Travel and hospitality

Account details, room bookings, offers, hotel directory & map, gift cards, etc.


Account details, shows, episodes, schedule, alerts, technical support, complaint management, merchandise, bill payments

What are the roles of the bot?

Sales person

The bot provides a range of sales services such as invoice generation, payment, and payment status tracking. Besides direct sales, a bot successfully provides cross-selling.

Lead generator

The bot gathers potential customers and offers them value: loyalty card or discounts, for example. Also, the bot is able to gather customer’s information and make appointments.


The bot integrates with appropriate API to complete clients’ requests. The bot is able to provide customer authorization and integration with another mobile or web services. After integration, a bot gives out processed result in the appropriate format.


The bot automates such processes as showcasing rules, presenting new participants or advertising.


The bot provides customer support and issues resolving 24/7. Helper answers to the FAQ and saves the time of live agents. The bot is also able to connect live agents with users if necessary.


The bot aggregates the data from different resources into a message and notificates customer regarding service changes.


The main value of a bot is the conversation flow with user. A bot is able to establish a friendly amtoshpere and improve the users’ mood.