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We Create Captivating Visual Stories to Help You Sell More

Whiteboard Videos | 2D Animation Videos | Presentation Videos | Typography Videos

Brand-Specific videos are the new-age marketing medium which has an absorbing effect on targeted customers. We prefer to watch then to read if both mediums are present. The key to grab a customer’s attention is through a short but meaningful and influential message which is achieved by a video.

  • Watching videos increases the understanding level of consumers by 70%
  • Over 60% consumers believe that watching videos influences their buying process
  • 4 billion+ YouTube videos are watched daily by consumers
  • Consumers have short span of attention nowadays – A video helps telling the whole brand story in that short time as compared to text

Professional video production will help you increase your customer-engagement and bring more leads and sales! Zava create bespoke Explainer Videos that are a true reflection of your brand, easy to understand and help you connect to the audience warmly! We help create stronger bonds with customers driven towards increased traffic to your site. Our videos are formulated with unique and thoroughly researched video marketing strategies, professional quality videos and Video SEO process.

Handcrafted brand videos – Increased Business Awareness – Measurable Results

Whiteboard Videos – Whiteboard Videos are the most popular and powerful explainer videos used to tell a brand story. The videos include the hand of the illustrator creating the characters and objects as story moves. These videos are highly effective in explaining a process or system concerning a service or production, or about the brand in an artistic and appealing manner.

2D Animation Videos – Incorporated with 2D animation characters, these videos involve color illustrations and animated process to help explain and bring ideas to life. Conceptual and creatively inciting, 2D Animation videos are perfect for a short-span brand story telling.

Presentation Videos – These are slider videos, which provide a short but detailed insight into a business perspective and ideas, offering customers a glance into what the business delivers. A great tool for a product or service based explainer video production.

Typography Videos – Motion graphic explainer videos, where story telling is done through textual communication. Creative and engaging motion graphics are used to create a concise and visually tempting description of technical and theoretical ideas.

Business Research – Before commencement, our experts sit down and consult with you completely to get a full insight of your brand, service, products and your marketing objective.

Script – We analyze, and write a brief and inventive, fresh script for your idea, structured accordingly.

Storyboard Creation – The most important aspect of video production. We outline the characters, inclusive of switch and actions.

Illustration – we then create the graphics and visuals to be used in the video.

Voice-Over – Voice-over from a professional audio artist, in requisite American or British accent, recorded by a Male or Female as requested by the client.

Animation-Process – The animation production process takes place after all the illustrations and graphics are ready.

Music – We integrate seamless, soothing and highest quality musical track to the video, along with SFX.

Our professional and expert team of video creators includes awe-inspiring scriptwriters, 2d animators, illustrators and video production experts, all working in collaboration under a single roof. They are experts in their respective scale and are always on the lookout for inspirational story induction – exploring and innovating.

A video sells – Start today and unlock the full potential of this potent marketing tool to grab the eyeballs and sell your business and service more efficiently.