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Top ORM Services to enhance your brand

We offer customized ORM packages according to your requirements and help to secure your brand by managing digital presence.

The authority which online review sites, forums, and social media channels commands in today’s competitive online environment defines how a brand is scoring on Online Reputation scale. These public-feed networks have become commonplace to talk about a brand and its services. How people air their views about a brand, and how a press article portrays a company, significantly influences the perception of the enterprise, and can impact how the brand fares on different public-conversation channels.

These networks and channels have grown tremendously in today’s age and presents new tasks and prospects for brands to work harder to keep an influential brand image with what content is being seen online.

Online Reputation Management - Key Concern for Consumer-facing Brands

Online brand reputation management is all about securing and restoring the proper standing of the brand’s name in front of the customers. The key is to manage online conversations, references and feedbacks which strengthen the company’s brand message and enhances prospective customer’s confidence and trust in the brand and augments profitability. An active profile and value-added image are essential to push strong brand message.

What happens online does have its roots linked to what happens offline; like – a complaint not being addressed properly will lead to the virtual rumor mill. So, it is important that such issues are handled and addressed instantly to the core.

Zava - Monitors, Understand, Prepare & Grow Brand Image

Just like we care about our individual value, we deliver the same philosophy to our clients and customers – Challenging complaints and negative reviews on several sources and creating positive threads which protect a brand’s image.

  • Monitor extensively – We listen, read what people are talking about your brand.
  • Diffuse crisis situation – We find what bothers the customer and take immediate action to rectify those perceptions.
  • Respond / challenge negative comments – We keep an eye on who says and what, react instantly to any negative feedback; politely address the issues, clear the air and portray the righteous image of the brand.

Bespoke & Strategized Online Reputation Management

  • Monitor customer sentiments and expressions on all virtual platforms.
  • Brand advocacy.
  • Challenge offensive contents.
  • Brand content management on forums, review sites, social channels.
  • Recommendations.
  • Brand popularizing PR strategies.
  • Build robust and insightful online brand profile.
  • Critical communications.
  • Proactive strategies towards customer response.

Your business may be at the probable receiving end of customer’s wrath on social media channels, forums, and review sites – You need to make sure that your customers keep happy with your services and products, and the user-generated feedback is all positive and brand-building.

This all is possible with comprehensive and strategic Online Reputation Management.

It’s time to put your focus towards your brand conversations – Build a positive and responsive brand image!